We have been making footwear to walk well everywhere since 1967.

The company was established by Armando Mazzarolo who had a great passion for his job, a passion that continued with the new generations in the conviction that quality is the key factor to making good footwear.



    Closely focused on better quality and production growth, Armond maintains its position as an artisan manufacturer of sturdy and healthy boots. It supports initiatives able to favour general well-being and show, trade-fair and market activities as well as sponsoring initiatives aimed at promoting the Armond brand.

  • 2017

    This year we have reached another major goal. 50 years of business activity. Armond was already nominated as a historical company in 2014 and this year we celebrate this important objective, persevering with the idea that quality comes first and foremost.

  • 2012

    100% made in Italy production continues in the new Maser facility. Armond becomes official sponsor of Scarpe Bianche and in the same year opens a company outlet: a chance for Fabio and Consuelo to explain to everyone the added value of Armond boots.

  • 1998

    After years of rising through the ranks, daughter Consuelo and son-in-law Fabio continue Armando’s work in the conviction that quality is the biggest of satisfactions.

  • 1970 – 1998

    For the past 30 years, Armando has been making top-quality handcrafted shoes, using all its experience to offer more technical boots to increasingly more discerning buyers. Boots made in Italy in his production facility under his expert supervision.

  • 1967

    Armando Mazzarolo: among the last real shoemakers of Montebelluna, gives his name to the company in 1967. Today he continues to make shoes as a hobby and faithfully reproduces the boots of times gone by.