Like old friends, we become very attached to our boots and are reluctant to part with them.
At Armond, we can replace worn soles upon request, to leave your footwear looking as good as new so you can continue to enjoy them for a long time to come.

"The uppers of most of the shoes returned to us for repair are still in good condition, despite years of wear".

Before proceeding with resoling, their condition has to be assessed. Uppers that are still strong, with inner lining in good condition resist repair and maintain their quality status even after repair.

Problems affecting bottoms are not normally caused by bad manufacture, but by actual sole wear, or by soles which, in contact with particular chemical agents in particular weather conditions and/or bad maintenance, and/or infrequent use and/or storage in wrong places (too damp, too dry)...undergo physical alterations with damage or detachment in certain parts of the sole.


"Once it has been ascertained that it is worthwhile repairing the footwear, plastic shoe trees are inserted to ensure the boots maintain their shape during repair operations".

All those parts that need changing are removed (it is not always necessary to remove all the parts of the bottom. This depends on the type of operation previously performed on the boot). Removal is made easier by placing the boots in ovens to soften the adhesives.

All dirt and wastes are removed. If necessary, new carding is performed. Adhesives are again applied and drying times complied with. If it already existed, a rubber edging is fitted, otherwise only the sole. Sometimes the type of sole has to be changed, but this is explained and discussed with the customer before making the repair. During the finishing stage, the uppers are revived and the anatomical insole is changed along with the laces.

The result is a top-quality job performed in a workmanlike manner. It will be a pleasure for you to wear your renovated boots again and rediscover all their original comfort.