Vajolet 2560 HT

High technology boots



2560 HT

Technical boot built using innovative materials such as Putek: a fabric reinforced with extra-strong polyamide thread and pu thread to guarantee high abrasion resistance whilst maintaining outstanding elasticity. The superb comfort is completed by Sumo, an elasticated fabric which ensures a snug fit, and the internal lining in water-repellent, breathable and eco-friendly Sympatex membrane. Rigid internal insole sole unit with vibram outsole and lightweight Eva insert to guarantee outstanding stability across differing terrain types. 

Sole unit with rubber outsole which provides a particularly large, stable base. The lugs too are especially large which enhances grip. Features a “stabilizer” insert to the rear which increases stability underfoot.

  • UppersPU tek technological tissue
  • LiningSympatex®
  • SoleVIBRAM DOLENT 1020
  • Size38-48
  • Weight700 Gr. (HALF A PAIR OF SIZES 42)
  • UseApproach, Trekking, Travel, Hunting
Tomaia in materiale PU Tek
Technical Textiles since 1898. Advanced Italian Technologies

La ricerca di innovative soluzioni tessili per i vari campi di applicazione, tra cui la calzatura da sicurezza o da montagna, è il vero punto di forza di Lenzi Egisto®, riconosciutogli nel mondo dei tessili tecnici.

PU Tek® è un materiale tecnico particolarmente performante, tessuto intrecciando fili di poliamide ad alta tenacità con filo alta tenacità ricoperti da polieuretano, in grado di garantire un'alta resistenza all’abrasione,  mantenendo massimo comfort ed flessibilità.







Made in Italy

Completely 100% made in Italy production in Maser's premises.


Craftsmanship is also flexibility; in production it is possible to modify the boot adapting it to the customer's requirements..


Quality in raw materials and careful and professional workmanship.

Lining Sympatex®

100% waterproof and windproof

Sympatex® is a high-tech, hydrophilic, non-porous membrane that is 100% waterproof and windproof, yet breathable. The hydrophilic components of the membrane absorb moisture from the body and expel it outwards.
The result is excellent comfort, with exceptional performance in all weather conditions, even in the most extreme situations.

1 - Inner lining
2 - Sympatex
3 - Upper