Design and innovation

At the end of the production process, each shoe we make is a unique work. It is made with the best raw materials and with methods that combine craftsmanship with technology.

Company and Philosophy
"Pure alpinism, based on a person’s drive to explore their limits, is a mental disciple that continuously drives us improve our skills and abilities"


First of all quality

With spirit of renewal the Nineties saw Armando handing over the running of the company to the next generation; his daughter Consuelo together with her husband Fabio Cremasco took on the running of the business.

Our business developed and consolidated, and in a short time we expanded our presence in the main national and international markets. Today our products are renowned and appreciated all over the world for the quality of our raw materials, styling, performance, attention to ergonomics, resistance to wear and long life.

The production and assembly of all our footwear continues to be conducted entirely within our company, and we carefully source our leather exclusively from Italian tanneries with great focus on quality. During the production process, tasks performed by hand are integrated with the use of state-of-the-art machinery. How we build our shoes continues to reflect the best traditions of craftsmanship Veneto, a region which is world famous for its shoemaking: from the cutting of the leather to stitching, from lasting to the application of the sole. All operations are carried out individually by our team of highly skilled and experience staff.

We pay particular attention during the design phase to the ergonomics of the foot and its movements during the walking cycle to ensure that whatever the discipline, whatever the terrain you are using our boots in, they offer you a guarantee of comfort, safety and protection from risks and accidents. To improve the quality standards of our products, we combine supple, hard-wearing leather with a range of technologically innovative materials for other shoe components, such as internal linings, cuffs, soles and toecaps.

At the end of the production process, each shoe we make is a unique work. We can also produce custom-made footwear and carry out repairs to give new life to worn out shoes.