Val Marino 145

Sports shoe for easy walks

Val Marino

Val Marino


Sports shoe for easy walks. Upper in waterproof greased leather which is breathable and ensures optimum foot health.

Fashionable, eye-catching design. Provides total comfort of fit. Eurosuole sole unit with outsole in rubber and pu insert to ensure excellent stability while walking. Highly distinctive casual styling.

Sole unit completely in polyurethane offering superb quality in terms of lightness and flexibility.

  • UppersAnfibio ingrassato WATERPROOFED
  • LiningSpacer Plus
  • SoleEurosuole
  • Size36-47
  • Weight552 Gr. (half a pair of sizes 42)
  • UseApproach, Travel, Trekking, Urban, Fashion, Casual, Happy Dog
Upper leather Perwanger®
Waterproofing, abrasion resistance, breathability, durability.

Perwanger® produces the ideal leather for mountaineering. The raw material comes exclusively from European pastures and carefully selected suppliers. The meticulous selection of raw materials is decisive for a high-quality end product.
Continuous controls throughout the entire production process, an in-house tanning system and specific specialisation in the production of mountain boots guarantee the high quality of Perwanger® leather at all times.

Product properties:

- long-lasting end product suitable for the highest demands
- water-repellent (your feet stay dry)
- breathable (to ensure good ventilation for your feet)
- Scratch-resistant, robust (thanks to the special tanning system, the leather loses neither shape nor strength. Rock and gravel cannot damage it).

Made in Italy

Completely 100% made in Italy production in Maser's premises.


Craftsmanship is also flexibility; in production it is possible to modify the boot adapting it to the customer's requirements..


Quality in raw materials and careful and professional workmanship.