Sequoia 020

Shoe for everyday use and around town.




Shoe for everyday use and around town.Lightweight woman's trekking boot with traditional mountaineering styling.

The use of wrinkled-effect waterproof anfibio leather lends a very fashionable look. The base working with traditional welt and stitching provide a touch of class. The inside and outside of the cuff are in super-soft calfskin. Vibram sole with traditional design.

Entirely crafted from morflex rubber, its soft compound makes it especially suitable for casual use and wearing around town.

  • UppersVitello stropicciato
  • LiningVitello
  • SoleVibram® Betulla 8303
  • Size36-42
  • Weight432 Gr. (half a pair of sizes 42)
  • UseTravel, Fashion, Urban
Upper leather Dani
100% made in Italy. Attention to detail. High quality guarantee.

To ennoble a by-product of the food industry, transforming it into a fascinating and elegant product, able at the same time to meet high technical requirements, is our mission. The alternation of chemical and mechanical operations with the craftsmanship of some processes makes the leather a unique and inimitable product. Fundamental phases:
- 4 weeks of processing, a long journey in the tannery.
- 2 international regulatory standards, a single concept of quality.
- 2 analysis laboratories, double guarantee for the customer

Made in Italy

Completely 100% made in Italy production in Maser's premises.


Craftsmanship is also flexibility; in production it is possible to modify the boot adapting it to the customer's requirements..


Quality in raw materials and careful and professional workmanship.