Monfenera 115

Monfenera 115

Super-lightweight shoe providing comfort straight from the box.

The upper is in water-repellent breathable 1.6-1.8 mm suede.

Vibram Pepe sole with lightweight eva insert ensures the shoe feels super light whatever the activity.

Styled to give a very natural look. 

UPPERS: camoscio idro 1.6-1.8 m


SOLE: Vibram® Pepe  

Mastrotto Tannery

The Mastrotto Group's formula is simple: experience and professional expertise combined with the most modern technology the leather tanning industry has to offer. A winning combination which produces millions of square metres of leather distributed every year on markets worldwide. The Group's production process consists in a complex sequence of jobs in which the skill of operators is expressed to the utmost thanks to experience and increasingly more cutting-edge plants, the upshot of ongoing research. The hides are then processed to become shoes, jackets, bags, sofas, seats and any other articles suggested by the creativity of stylists and designers.



Vibram is a leading world manufacturer of high-performance rubber soles, including for Outdoor life.

The unmistakable yellow octagon, synonymous with quality, points to performance, safety, innovation and design.

Vibram is the desire to raise standards of safety and protection, a constant undertaking in research and development, with innovative design, comfort and quality concept results which last over time and are guaranteed by stringent tests.