Bergamo 1500

Bergamo 1500

Traditional mountain boot with superimposed uppers in Gallusser Juchten 3.5 mm.

Natural 5 mm leather insole and two 3 mm intersoles made of real leather with Goodyear stitching joining uppers and insole and three outer stitching joining the uppers to the intersoles. Thanks to this solution, these boots will last for many years. 

Maximum resistance in any situation.


UPPERS: Gallusser Juchten 3.5 mm., waterproofed

LINING: Waterproofed calf

SOLE: Vibram® 1149

WEIGHT: 1.4 kg (one shoe)



Vibram is a leading world manufacturer of high-performance rubber soles, including for Outdoor life.

The unmistakable yellow octagon, synonymous with quality, points to performance, safety, innovation and design.

Vibram is the desire to raise standards of safety and protection, a constant undertaking in research and development, with innovative design, comfort and quality concept results which last over time and are guaranteed by stringent tests.