Sorapiss 3700

Sorapiss 3700

Technical boot made of waterproof curried-nabuk and cordura. with Sympatex® membrane.

Vibram® sole for semi-automatic crampons with pro- tective toe-cap.

UPPERS: Nabuk 2.4-2.6 mm. waterproofed

LINING: Sympatex ®

SOLE: Vibram® 1396

WEIGHT: 0.9 kg (one shoe)



100% made in Italy workmanship. Care for detail. Guaranteed quality.

Ennobling a sub-product of the food industry, transforming it into an appealing and elegant product, able at the same time to satisfy cutting-edge technical requirements, is our mission. The alternation of chemical and mechanical operations and fine craftsmanship makes the leather one of a kind and inimitable.

Crucial phases:
- 4 weeks of processing and a long tanning cycle.
- 2 international regulatory standards, a single quality concept.
- 2 test laboratories, a dual guarantee for customers


Sympatex® is a highly technological membrane. It is hydrophilic and non porous, 100% waterproof and windproof, and at the same time breathable.

The hydrophilic components of the membrane absorb body damp and expel it outwards.

The result is total comfort, with exceptional performance in any climatic condition, even in the most extreme situations.

1 - Uppers
2 - Sympatex
3 - Support fabric
4 - Inner lining