Peralba Stark 3550

Peralba Stark 3550

Fully-cut and high hunting boot, completely waterproof thanks to P.U. spread over the easy-maintenance and scratchproof uppers.

Soft collar for total instep comfort. 

Protective toe-cap.

Sole in rubber with P.U. insert for better shock absorption.


UPPERS: Stark 2.6-2.8 mm. waterproofed

LINING: Sympatex®

SOLE: Vibram® Far

WEIGHT: 1.00 kg (one shoe)


Sympatex® is a highly technological membrane. It is hydrophilic and non porous, 100% waterproof and windproof, and at the same time breathable.

The hydrophilic components of the membrane absorb body damp and expel it outwards.

The result is total comfort, with exceptional performance in any climatic condition, even in the most extreme situations.

1 - Uppers
2 - Sympatex
3 - Support fabric
4 - Inner lining



Vibram is a leading world manufacturer of high-performance rubber soles, including for Outdoor life.

The unmistakable yellow octagon, synonymous with quality, points to performance, safety, innovation and design.

Vibram is the desire to raise standards of safety and protection, a constant undertaking in research and development, with innovative design, comfort and quality concept results which last over time and are guaranteed by stringent tests.