Peralba CDV 3550

Peralba CDV 3550

Fully-cut and completely waterproofed high hunting boot.

Soft collar for total instep comfort. Protective rubber strip.

Sole with fastener with quick exit when required and fast re-entry.

Ideal for steep and damp trails and ice.


UPPERS: Split leather 2.8-3.0 mm. waterproofed

LINING: Sympatex®

SOLE: Rubbermac® 2000

WEIGHT: 0.9 kg (one shoe without fastener)


Perwanger manufactures the ideal leather for extreme mountaineering. 
The raw material used for PERWANGER LEATHER consists of cow hides from the alpine area obtained from meat production wastes. 
The careful choice of raw materials is in fact decisive for obtaining a top-quality end product. 
The continuous controls made during the manufacturing process, an own tanning system and a specific specialization as regards mountain boot manufacture are a guarantee of the constantly high quality of Perwanger leather.

Product properties:

- long-lasting end product suitable for the most discerning customer
- waterproof (your feet stay dry)
- traspiring (to ensure good foot ventilation) 
- scratchproof, sturdy (thanks to our special tanning system, the leather does not lose shape or sturdiness. Neither rock nor gravel can damage it).


Sympatex® is a highly technological membrane. It is hydrophilic and non porous, 100% waterproof and windproof, and at the same time breathable.

The hydrophilic components of the membrane absorb body damp and expel it outwards.

The result is total comfort, with exceptional performance in any climatic condition, even in the most extreme situations.

1 - Uppers
2 - Sympatex
3 - Support fabric
4 - Inner lining


Rubbermac is part and parcel of the  company's careful selection of raw materials for making soles that last for years in any weather and for any use.
High performance is also evident in the special versions for work and sports activities. In the company's internal laboratory, stringent tests are performed on materials and finished products. The tests are duly confirmed by external institutes used by us to provide official certifications of the top-quality standard of our brand.