Ortigara 3050

Ortigara 3050

High-cuff boots with a vast range of technical features, the top in its category: upper in one-piece water-resistant 2.8-3.0 mm thick anfibio leather.

Sympatex® lining coupled with a Wintherm® membrane to keep feet warm in temperatures down to -30°.

Vibram Mottarone sole unit with inserts in technical material to increase grip by 25%. 

UPPERS: Amphibious  2.8-3.0 mm. waterproofed

LINING: Wintherm®

SOLE: Vibram® 1212

WEIGHT: 0.83 kg (one shoe)


100% made in Italy workmanship. Care for detail. Guaranteed quality.

Ennobling a sub-product of the food industry, transforming it into an appealing and elegant product, able at the same time to satisfy cutting-edge technical requirements, is our mission. The alternation of chemical and mechanical operations and fine craftsmanship makes the leather one of a kind and inimitable.

Crucial phases:
- 4 weeks of processing and a long tanning cycle.
- 2 international regulatory standards, a single quality concept.
- 2 test laboratories, a dual guarantee for customers


What is Wintherm®? An innovative technology for an active thermal insulation. 

How does it work? The low denier values of its fibres prevents heat dispersion and the aluminum film reflects the heat back to its source. 

When can Wintherm® be used? Whenever it is fundamental to guarantee the maximum thermal insulation to the body. 

Advantages: a thermal insulation of up to +50%, breathable, with silver salts permanent antibacterial treatment, antistatic, very thin, climate control. 



Vibram is a leading world manufacturer of high-performance rubber soles, including for Outdoor life.

The unmistakable yellow octagon, synonymous with quality, points to performance, safety, innovation and design.

Vibram is the desire to raise standards of safety and protection, a constant undertaking in research and development, with innovative design, comfort and quality concept results which last over time and are guaranteed by stringent tests.


The Multifunction project has been developed with the collaboration of our most discerning customers and is the result of a quest for new technologies and components, combined with 90 years of experience acquired by the company in the field of the production of sports soles. The Multifunction sole increases footwear grip, provides better performance, comfort and duration. Multifunction makes you feel safer in every type of situation.

Compared to a standard rubber sole, the Multifunction sole provides a better grip on:

Ceramic Floors