21.05.2021   |   Caccia

Cima XII 2550 HR e HV boots

Hunting and trekking boot offering excellent waterproofing. Constructed for demanding hunters and hikers who - to tackle difficult routes - need comfortable and hight performance. High-visibility details and trim.
Boot suitable for traveling long distances on rough terrain without getting tired or wet feet. Perfect for rocky trails and rough terrain. Performing in all conditions: especially in rain, mud, slippery ground, snow and ice..

High-tech, mid-height boots featuring scratch-resistant stark uppers, with the added bonus of being extra waterproof. Starks material (thickness 2,4-2,6 mm) is scratch-resistant, rough and pleasant to the touch. Able to withstand any collision due to contact with rocks and brambles.

Full-coverage protective rubber strip. Vibram rubber outsole paired with a lightweight 3 mm EVA insert. The distinctive self-cleaning design of the tread actively sheds trail debris, stones and dirt.

This model is completed by  Sympatex lining inside. It's a high-tech, hydrophilic, non-porous membrane that is 100% waterproof and windproof, yet breathable. The hydrophilic components of the membrane absorb moisture from the body and expel it outwards. The result is excellent comfort, with exceptional performance in all weather conditions, even in the most extreme situations.